Harvest High School was founded in July of 2013. The first 19 students in attendance were juniors and seniors who transferred from Ripon High, our feeder school.


The entire staff included one full-time teacher/principal and one 20% teacher and academic advisor. We shared the building and the limited resources with the Ripon High Independent Study program.

As of 2018, we have grown in student attendance, capping at 30. Staff includes, a principal, one full-time teacher, two part-time teachers, a part- time academic counselor, an instructional aide, and a full time secretary.

2020-2021 School year, Harvest High remained at a capacity for 30 students, 1 Principal, 2 Full-Time Teachers, 1 Full-Time Secretary, 1 Part-Time Academic Counselor, and 1 Part-Time Instructional Aide.